When you started your business, you may have thought: “If I build it and they will come.”

This is the BIGGEST problem I see women making in this industry every day.

No matter how amazing your services or products are, and no matter what amazing results you get for your clients or patients…


That’s why I coach female professionals just like you on their marketing strategy — so you can do what you set out to do when you opened your business: serve your clients.

Most business owners in the health and wellness industry have a love of movement not business...at least that was me as I started out in business.

The #1 question I hear over and over again
from business owners is:

How do I get more people in the door?

If you are asking the same questions,
know that you are not alone.

But where do you start? 

My Marketing Bundle, made specifically for female wellness & movement professionals, will give you specific actionable insight that you can implement in your business TODAY.

INTRODUCING: The Marketing Bundle

My Marketing Bundle offers a quick and easy resource to kickstart marketing for your healthcare, wellness, or movement business. 
From understanding where you can improve your marketing to a 30-day calendar to help you reach new people on social media, this bundle is designed to make connecting with and booking new clients EASY 
— no overwhelm.

The best part? The WHOLE bundle is just $27.


Get Clear On Your Next Step With The 
Marketing Quiz

Marketing can be a hard task to master — and an even harder skill to measure. Do you know what’s working? Do you know which strategies you excel at, or how to improve your current plan? 
Knowing where you rank with your marketing skills is a great way to identify ways you can grow — and that’s exactly what this Marketing Quiz offers!

Implement These 
8 Marketing Lessons

Now that you know where your baseline strategy is, you can use these 8 lessons to improve and grow.
When I started my business, I didn’t bother with a marketing plan. Heck, I didn’t even know what a marketing plan was!
That came back to bite me in the a** later when the foot traffic slowed and bookings dried up. I had to implement a marketing strategy FAST — and these 8 lessons helped me create a strategy that grew my business to new heights. 
If you want to avoid making some big mistakes, or even want to know what you SHOULD be doing with your wellness or movement brand’s marketing, you’ll want to check out these lessons.

Create 30 Days Of Social Media With The 
2020 Social Media Calendar & Strategy

Social media for your healthcare or wellness brand can be… overwhelming. But not anymore! Use this social media calendar and strategy to plan your weekly and monthly social media content!
The social media plan will help you:

  • BATCH YOUR CONTENT. Conceptualize themes and identify special holidays to tap.
  • WRITE YOUR COPY. Use content templates with the appropriate hashtags.
  • PLOT YOUR CALENDAR. Use scheduling tools and determine the frequency of posting. 

Find the social strategies that help you engage with your followers and get them looking forward to every post you share! 

Grow Your Audience With The
Facebook Live Checklist

Are you afraid to hit that “Go Live” button on Facebook, even though you know it will help you connect with your customers and clients? 
Don't worry I was too, and I put it off for years...then I started following this checklist. It got easier — and way more fun!
This Facebook Live checklist will help you gain the confidence you need to bring your brand to life — through LIVE video. In this Facebook Live checklist, you will get:

  • TIPS on how to create a Facebook Live setup that helps you share your ideas.
  • TIMELINE sample on how to seamlessly get from introduction to call-to-action.
  • TEMPLATES on how to strategically announce your scheduled live-streams.
  •  TOPICS to spark your creative juices and get you to start talking live.

Expand your content catalog and engage more viewers with this Facebook Live checklist — and get the confidence you need to go LIVE! 

It’s time to start marketing your services, so you can bring your unique brand of wellness to more people. 

Meet Christa, physical therapist + pilates studio owner 

I went from an Orthopedic Physical Therapist to CEO of a $5 million dollar company in less than 10 years. Maintaining that — and growing to the multiple six-figure mark — wasn’t easy.

While I scaled quickly, I had no marketing strategy to help me maintain this level of success. Basically, I was just winging it, which worked for a while…until it didn’t. 

All those years ago, when I realized I needed a marketing strategy, I needed to make it happen quickly. That meant no complicated strategies, no forced frameworks. Just the tried-and-true marketing tactics that didn’t require a ton from me — money and effort included.

Soon, though, what I found was that I didn’t need a complicated or expensive marketing plan. I just needed simple resources to help me take the next step.

That’s why I created this Marketing Bundle for YOU!

Learn ways to attract your ideal clients or patients & let them know you’re ready to help them!

With the Marketing Bundle, you’ll be able to...

Identify where you’re at with your marketing using the Marketing Quiz. The results of the quiz will also show you how you can improve your marketing to connect with and book more clients. 

Unlock 8 marketing lessons that can help you avoid mistakes, create a stronger marketing strategy, and connect with clients you really want to help.

Finally stop wondering what to post on social media, with the help of the 30-Day Social Media Calendar & Strategy Planner.

Confidently hit “Go Live!” with the help of the comprehensive Facebook Live Checklist. You’ll also get templates to help you script out your lives so you’re always sharing the most valuable content.

It’s time to start marketing your services, so you can serve more people.

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